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What is the true meaning of Dharma?

(1) Do not commit any sin: all our misfortunes, sufferings, and any action that inflicts pain to our body, speech and mind should be abandoned. There are ten actions that bring our downfall. Firstly, the three physical acts: not killing, not stealing and not engaging in sexual misconduct. Secondly, the four verbal acts: telling lies, making divisive speeches, using harsh words towards others and engaging in worthless chatters like talking about wars or deeds that bring harm to oneself and others. Finally, the three mental acts: to crave for other’s belongings, malicious intention and to hold wrong views, such as not believing in the law of karma.

(2) Accumulate more merits by cultivating good thoughts and good deeds, follow the right path and meaningful advices. Happiness, wealth, power, success and many other kinds of wealth that we want to achieve come from doing the right things and following the right path. Therefore, we must make an effort to cultivate merits and do the right thing.

(3) Tame our wild mind: Our body and speech are like the attendants and without mind nothing really happens. For instance, good or bad is decided by the mind and if the mind goes wild, then the consequences that we have to face is seriously painful. Therefore, as long as our mind is tame, we are safe and the moment we lose control of the wild mind, then down fall is sure to follow.

(4) In conclusion, avoid all evil actions, follow the right path and do the right thing and finally, tame our mind by thinking right thoughts and following the right advices. This is called the Dharma. Let me add this: we are not perfect and we do make mistakes, however, we must try to avoid doing wrong things. Please make an effort to always follow the right path and advices and by doing so will make the difference in our life!