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Learn to live

We are in the world of multiculturalism and so it is not always what I want but what is offered by circumstances. In such a diversified environment, we don’t always expect to have our way but rather how can we be comfortable and happy in such environment.

Moreover, as long as we know how to live in any given condition, we will always be a great survivor. In addition, we just can’t complain but have to be more opportunistic when we face hurtles and to change such condition into our advantages. Life is always full of surprises and that always decides failure or success, but not according to how we always hope for. Furthermore, we should learn to be more patient, understanding and always watchful of our environment and sensitive to our surroundings to move forward. That will really decide whether one is successful in life not how much we own or how we look rather how prepared we are in this ever-changing world of ours!

Therefore, my friends, be prepared now and you will never fail!