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Listen to advice of great teachers and think before we act

 Loneliness gives us the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and our shortcomings. 
Reacting to a situation based on assumptions is the beginning of our downfall.
Telling a lie may free us for a moment, but we are only digging a hole to getourselves trapped.
Change tells us to move on and not to hold back, because this is an opportunity to make great progress.
Listen to truth and the advice of great teachers, but do not forget to close our ears to untruth and gossip.
Do not simply plan for the future, unless it is followed by action, or else we will not to reach anywhere.
Think before we act - only then will we have the last laugh. Otherwise, we will be the first to cry.
Do not dream for unrealistic goals, and rather than just talk, we should act now for a brighter future. 
Saying is much easier than doing, and without acting no one can liberate us from pain and uncertainty.Delhi.6/5/13