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Please use wisdom and knowledge

 If we notice, many times in life, we are just unhappy because we tend to have high expectations an unrealistic goals which we want to accomplish in a short time. We need to step back for moment and start to think deeply inside within. What we really want in life? Are we looking for wealth and power or happiness? If our goal is to be happy than wealth, fame and power are just secondary. Time after times our experiences tell us that we cannot really buy happiness and to be happy we do not need to accumulate wealth or fame. Sometimes, we make our lives more complicated and painful, because we do not use wisdom and knowledge but simply assumption and wrong belief. Happiness is like air that we breathe every day, in order to breathe comfortably, we do not need to claim Mount Everest, and we can have enough air where we stand. Therefore, we need to look for answers within and most likely we will be happy rest of our lives.Boston.5/4/13